You cannot manage
what you cannot measure.

Unique mobile application which can be used for recording final state of energy consumption in the field, scanning meter barcodes, determine basic information about consumption, incident reporting and tracking trends. All of this is integrated into FaMa+ EM – complex solution of energy management.


Manage object meters and their general and technical parameters. You can add an unlimited number of meters to each object.

Meter reading

Read the bar code or QR code of a meter to indentify it and find or record its status.


Compare measured consumption according to time, place or energy.

Other functions


Electricity, water, gas, heat – EMA+ can work with all common types of energy.


Report an incident associated with the meter or sampling point. You can record information with keyboard or using voice.


Energy supervisor can inform the administrator about assigned tasks or changes in the field of energy management.


Create an overview of important contacts that you might need in the case of emergency – such as handyman, dispatching or object manager.

User accounts

For every account you can assign only organisations and their associated objects, supply points and meters, which should be managed by specific employee.

Offline mode

Nothing can stop you at work, not even a dark place without a signal. You can simply use the light from the application while working offline and synchronize your data with FaMa+ EM later.

FaMa+ EM

Using a systematic approach to monitoring and evaluating information about energy management provides you complex management. It is suitable for both buyers and also suppliers of energy.

FaMa+ Energy management

System for complex management and manegement of energy in accordance with ČSN ISO 50001. To achieve effective control of the energy policy this system supports prediction, monitoring and evaulation of the consumption and costs of all types of energy in organization.

Advanced Meter Management

Module for remote automatic collection and transmission of operational data from meters, processing of this data, evaulating and archiving. Includes management and control of meters and communication devices.

Energy portal

There is web superstructure for presentation of the course of consumption, cost and energy in the terms of different criteria using graphs, diagrams and reports for defined users.

Mobile application EMA+

Mobile aplication for users who needs to work with data in the field.

Demo version

We'll be happy to create for you a demo account to test EMA + directly on your device.